Load Bank Testing

Loadbank Testing

1kva to 1800kva load bank testing services for generators, turbines, batteries and UPS systems.A load bank is a device that accepts and dissipates power, in order that equipment producing power can be tested under load, or to prevent damage from underloading.

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Load banks are commonly used for:

  • Testing and commissioning of generators, turbines, batteries and UPS systems
  • Exercise of stand-by generators
  • Load optimisation
  • Avoiding underloading of generators/turbines
  • Carbon deposit (wet-stack) cleaning
  • Load rejection testing

Annual load bank testing of your emergency standby generator systems should be part of a standard planned maintenance program. The reason as to why you would want to load bank test your generator is to make sure that the generator will operate properly when it is called upon. The load bank test will ensure that the generator system will produce and maintain power without overheating or shutting down. Under controlled conditions, the load bank test will also reveal any potential weaknesses that the generator system may have, meaning that this allows us to perform corrective maintenance as potential weaknesses can be identified during controlled conditions and not during an actual power outage.

Edge Technology can provide load banking services up to 1,800kW (1.8MW) of load, which can be controlled to simulate any load pattern. We arrange any required surveying and logistics, and all connection and testing is done by our qualified engineers. We provide a comprehensive report about performance, and advice in the event of any faults.

When a load bank test is implemented, an artificial load is placed on the generator. The test is timed and the kW load is gradually increases in specific increments. Each time the kW load is increased, the tester measures and records critical engine parameters, the generators ability to handle the load increase, and its ability to continue functioning at the highest possible level for a sustained period of time.

How does a load bank test work?

When a diesel engine powered generator is not used frequently or only runs on a light load, the generator is prone to experiencing unburned fuel and soot build-up in the exhaust system. This process is known as wet stacking. When this occurs, the gen-set is likely to perform poorly. During a load bank test, the generator is allowed to run at full power and full temperature. This process will allow any wet stacking to burn off.

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